The Cube

Holt Inclusivity Coalition

Services Provided:

UX/UI Design, Brand Identity, Social Media Campaign, Communication Strategy


Aiden Tomkinson, Logan Bry, Kyla Chamberlain, Isabelle Derocher, Dallas Sumrall, Emily Lin, Jacob Nagy


WordPress, Figma, Divi, Illustrator

Project Manager:

Dr. Kate Birdsall

Home page of Holt Inclusivity Coalition


After the success of the Trojan Mental Health Matters project, Holt Public Schools approached us to create a similar initiative. HPS contracted us to rebrand their existing DEI organization then deliver a branding packet, website, communications strategy, and social media.


Our goal is to create a DEI campaign that improves the inclusivity practices of the Holt Public Schools community and can be run smoothly in our absence. We are trying to achieve a unified HPS where students feel supported, celebrated, and safe through the installation of tools to address and anonymously report instances of discrimination and mindful education on DEI topics that supports students. 

Our Objectives


Help students feel safe and supported when they’re at school


Educate students, parents, and teachers on important DEI practices


Create a culture of empathy and camaraderie within the district

Problem Statement

The challenge for the team was addressing the deep-rooted problems in Holt Public Schools without alienating any of our multiple audiences. The project is meant for students, staff, teachers, parents, and community members of Holt, but each audience requires different methods of communication. This challenge was addressed in the communications strategy document, which outlined all of our research before the project build phase began. Team members were challenged to research communication methods they were unfamiliar with and to interact directly with the various audiences of the project.



The research period for HIC had three stages. First, the team investigated DEI foundations and best practices. Then we identified our audience demographics and how best to communicate with them.

Pie chart showing demographics. 43% minority enrollment and 14% students with disabilities

Social Media Research

Additionally, we completed communications research to inform the design of our social media and communications briefs. 

Instagram gloabal engagement chart showing that early afternoon is most common

Next Step:

After the research period concluded, the team focused on branding. We designed a color palette, logo, mission and vision statement, and name. Our rebranding strategy prioritized audience, accessibility, and awareness.


Color Palette

Color palette showing red, black, grey, light pink, and navy


Space ram logo with a red helmet


The illustrations throughout the site. Diverse cartoon style people

Next Step:

Once the client approved the branding, we began building the strategy, social media, and website deliverables. The original online location for Holt’s DEI initiative was a single page on the district website, and we decided to create an entirely new website linked to that original page. The initial wireframes for HIC were too text-heavy, which interfered with accessibility and audience engagement. The team solved this problem by approaching the client for more visual elements to incorporate into the design.


Summary of Insights


  • Use inviting color pallet and relevant visuals
  • More personalized sections for each target audience, resources to learn more about DEI
  • Heavy focus on student involvement
  • Include understanding language
  • Discrimination reporting front and center


  • Colors are fitting and appropriate for the project and are all calming colors that work really well together
  • Search function is also a useful tool in case somebody wants to find something quickly
  • Little animations could be engaging for the audience and capture their attention, making the website more lively


  • It looks as if they just tacked the HEAT page onto the Holt site without trying to blend styles together, not cohesive
  • Need to redesign logo
  • Horizontal scroll for the initiatives is ineffective and difficult to read/see
  • Information under each initiative is not well written and it seems like different people wrote each initiative


  • Previous site is overwhelming
  • Information does not match the site
  • HEAT updates would be most effective if it had an actual place on the site and was not used as an extra document on the site
  • Information needs to be condensed, the information is important but what if no one reads it

Social Media Templates

Holiday Posts

Love is gender neutral instagram post for Pride

Student Spotlight

Customizable instagram template in the color palette

Term of the Week

Instagram template about equity

Event Posts

DEI training instagram template

Next Step:

While the website team moved from hi-fidelity wireframe drafting into the website building stage, the writing team created social media accounts and drafted a social media strategy for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. The goal of the social media strategy was to engage more holistically with the audiences of HIC and Holt Public Schools.

Final Design Solution

Home page of Holt Inclusivity Coalition
Resource information for parents
Resources for students, parents, and staff with cartoon people graphics
About us page of holt inclusivity coalition
DEI overview information on the site
Resources page



The team’s main challenge was to create deliverables that appealed to each of our audiences. Designing for a school district meant not only appealing to students and staff, but also parents, community members, existing DEI groups, and the superintendent and school board. While drafting the communications strategy, the team considered the best means of communication to each of their audiences in order to get the desired effect.


The future of Holt Inclusivity Coalition is to get staff, students and teachers involved with the project and using the resources. Once the website, social media and overall branding are trusted and used regularly, the project can consider expanding to include more programming and resources.


The finished product exemplifies our commitment to accessibility, inclusivity, and experiential learning. The goal of the project was to create a DEI initiative to meet the needs of Holt Public Schools’ diverse student population and support positive change.